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Who likes touching a toilet seat?? NOBODY!!
With Sani-Hani, you never have to again!
Sani-Hani is the new standard and a revolutionary aid in health and hygiene. It's the simple solution that helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. 

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Sani-Hani solves the problem of touching the toilet seat, so you never have to again! 


Why be forced to use your foot or handWatch the video above to learn more. 

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Don't like touching the toilet seat?

Don't worry!!

We've got a handle on it!!

Sani-Hani is simple, easy, and anyone can install. 

The Sani-Hani is designed for homes, hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants, hotels - any place where there's a public or private toilet! Read our rave reviews to see how much people love it!


Sani-Hani gives business owners peace of mind. It helps to prevent the spread of volatile microbes throughout your establishment and is a courtesy to your customers.

Distributors/All Inquiries call: 972-638-0504

Parents love the Sani-Hani! It's great for potty training and improves the health and safety of your family.

Women use the Sani-Hani for when their children, husbands or boyfriends don't lower the seat!

Remember - wash your hands often!!

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