4 Benefits of Washing Your Hands After the Bathroom

Did you know, almost 20% of the people do not wash their hands after they visit the toilet. Of those who do, only 30%, use soap to wash their hands. Spending at least five seconds washing your hands can help eliminate the bacteria built up on them. . .but 20 seconds is better! The Centers for Disease Control recommends humming the "Happy Birthday" song to yourself twice as a timer. Even when you are in a rush, rinsing your hands with cold water helps prevent the spread of germs. Read on to reap the four benefits of washing your hands.

1. Killing off MILLIONS of germs and bacteria

Bathrooms are the evil lairs where bacteria likes to gather to plot their next plan of attack. . . on YOU !— that's why the average person has 200 million bacteria per square inch on their hands after using the bathroom. Those evil little geniuses.

Even though not all bacteria are harmful, given the thought of what goes on when you gotta take care of business, the bathroom is the "place to be" for potentially harmful bacterias to linger and to be spread around. So ditching those nasty germs may be harder to do than you thought. Harvard Medical School's Harvard Health Publications, suggest you not to be shy when lathering up your hands, and then spend at least 15 second scrubbing them before rinsing them off. Foil the diabolical plans of those menacing bacteria by being the James Bond of the bathroom and washing your hands.

2. Washing your hands can save lives

For thousands of years, ritual hand washings were performed because cleanliness was praised by religious traditions. Health care professionals did not link good hand hygiene to lower the infections rates until the 1800s. Dr. Ignaz Semmelw, was the one to mandate an unpopular chlorine-washing rule. Similar to when you would come out of the bathroom and your mom asked if you washed your hands and made you go back when you lied and said you did. Yeah, he was the one to start that. Once instituted, death rates tumbled.

We have come a long way, but are far from perfect when preventing the spread of infections. It is sad to say that we lose 525,000 children around the world under the age of five to diarrheal diseases annually. Due to contaminated food and dirty drinking water, usually handled and soiled by uncleanly hands. Also from person to person contact because of "poor hygiene." With better hand washing, it could cut diarrheal deaths in half. Hand washing with soap could protect about 1 out of every 3 young children who get sick with diarrhea. So if anything, wash your hands for the children!

3. Be the change you want to see in the world

For some people washing their hands is a monkey see, monkey do situation. Even though hand washing is one of the best and simplest defenses when it comes to fighting infectious diseases, the rates of this simple task remains low. With the use of surveillance cameras, Stanford reachers discovered there was a 23% increase of hand washing when there was another person present. So basically, people want to uphold their "clean" reputation in front of others but when others are not present all bets are off!.

In another study done by Michigan State University, they found that women take the cake when it comes to hand washing. 78 percent of women use soap when washing their hands and only seven percent didn't wash their hands at all. While only 50 percent of men use soap and 15 percent don't wash their hands at all. Maybe that is the real reason why it takes women so long in the bathroom. They aren't gabbing away, they are practicing proper hand hygiene. Be more like women and wash your dirty hands!

4. You should wash your hands often just in general

Bradley Corporation, is an international manufacturer of commercial hand washing products. They annually have a Healthy Hand Washing Survey to track the behaviors of hand washing. While 92 percent of Americans believe it’s important to wash their hands after using a public restroom, only 66 percent of Americans say they always wash up after using a public restroom. As for washing with soap, nearly 70 percent admit they’ve skipped the suds and just rinsed with water. Really? The soap was right there people!

If you are the 70 percent that doesn't use soap, here's what you're missing out on:

- Lowering your risk of Diarrhea (are you sick of us using that word yet? Cuz we are!)

- Prevents you getting nasty Eye Infections (having pink eye is not cute)

- Reduces risk in Medical Settings (you better hope your doctor has healthy hand hygiene)

- Lowers risk of Intestinal Problems (who wants to go on a cleanse diet anyway?)

- Lowers Respiratory Infection risk (washing your hands is a fool proof way of not getting sick)

- Generally, proper hand washing keeps you HEALTHY.

Think of it like this, our hands are a bacteria infested gateway and soap is bacteria's worse nightmare. If you want to live for a long and healthy life, you should consider properly washing your hands more often.

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